On Monday the 4/7/16 Dad, Neil, Henry and myself went on a trip to the Gold Coast to go on BK’s Fishing Charters. We stayed at a place called ‘The Village’ which is an Air B and B, it was really nice. We arrived at the Gold Coast sea way of Sea World Drive at 11am where BK’s picked us up. I started to realise we were actually going deep sea fishing. Not in a Bay or a lake but out in the deep blue sea. The charter finally arrived and 12 of us all hopped on. It took about 25 minutes to reach the first spot and in not even 2 minutes I caught the first fish which was a 55cm Flathead. I thought Flathead lived in shallow waters, not in 50 meter deep water but I was obviously wrong. On the way to the next spot we saw 2 whales and 1 of them even did a breach, completely out of the water. The second spot we reached was awesome. Cast after cast I was reeling in legal Jewfish. Dad even caught two massive Jewfish at once, as our leaders had a double gang hook and a single hook. With there being a bag limit of 5 per person and there were 12 people on the boat we had nearly reached our bag limit by 4pm.. The skipper started gutting the fish and throwing their innards over board, to our amazement we saw 5 tuna feeding on the waste. A lady on the boat hooked a tuna which was great to watch her bringing it in. After I saw how awesome that fish looked I was desperate to catch one. So I went down and asked the instructor how to catch one. What he did was cast out a live bait that he caught earlier on a gang hook through the spine. Then he through the live fish out and sunk it approximately 20 meters and in not even 30 seconds I had hooked a tuna. The fish was the heaviest and hardest thing I have ever had to reel in, it took around 10 minutes with the help of the deck hand, it was so much fun. I managed to catch the tuna and it was about a meter long. To finish off the day a pod of dolphins swam past right past us. In the end, we brought home 20 Jewfish, 1 Flathead and a massive tuna.
It was an Awesome day and I highly recommend you go yourself. I know I will be going again!!!!!

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