On The Water

Hey, I’m back

​Sorry, I haven’t posted much lately. I have just had lots of assignments to get done so I had little time to fish. On another note, its holidays now and three days ago Dad and I were invited to go out fishing with friends. We went out at lunch time at Wellington point. While we were out we went to three different spots. Two of which we targeted whiting and one we were on the reef. In the first two spots, we caught 6 legal whiting using little bits of worm and squid. Hudson also caught a baby squid using a big pike as live bait which I still don’t understand how the squid was planning on eating it. Up to this point, it was about 5 O’clock and I was the only one who hasn’t caught a fish. The final spot was at Harvey’s reef and I wasn’t sure that we would have any luck because all the boats were leaving. But 5 minutes later dads rod gets bent right over and the line just keeps on running. I knew that it was a big fish probably a snapper or cod. While dads trying to reel in the fish, my bait gets taken, the rod nearly fell off the boat but luckily Jackson saves it. My fish surfaces before dads and it was a 37cm Squire. We were all waiting to see what dad has caught but suddenly the fish just stops fighting. The disappointment spread across dads face. We all thought that the line wasn’t strong enough but when we brought the line in everything was still there. I don’t think dad will be getting over that monster fish anytime soon. In the end, I ended up catching 2 legal Squire. Dad caught two whiting, Hudson caught 1 whiting and a squid, Jackson caught 3 Whiting and Zach caught a Pike.

It was a great day and I cant wait to go again

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