Kayak fishing Strathpine

Last Saturday Dad and I took our Kayaks out for their second run. We went to BCF to get some bait and lures and dad couldn’t help himself buying a light weight Shimano Rod with a 2500 reel for targeting Flathead. BCF wound the 12Lb braid on to the reel nice and tight. We weren’t sure where we were heading, the friendly staff told us to put the Kayaks in behind Strathpine Shops at Bob Bell Park See (Map 1)There is a boat ramp there.

It is a good idea to start on the outgoing tide from low to high, this way you have the tide and current helping to take you out. The first 100 m we didn’t try any fishing as there were houses around and we wanted to get further upstream. As we got around the first bend the water looked more promising for flathead. Dad and I let the current do the work as we drifted up the river slightly flicking the rod up as we trolled. It was working until I got snagged on a tree which is where trouble started. I tried threw my anchor right next to where the snag was so could cut the line. I then went to bring my anchor up but it was stuck. I was contemplating whether to jump into the water and try and pull it out that way. As I was just about to jump in the anchor suddenly came free allowing me to bring it up. Dad and I then got off on a nice sand bank to get out and stretch our legs and for me to tackle my rod up. I had a quick flick before we left the sand bank and had a flathead get hooked on my lure. I was bringing it in and my knot my knot came undone losing the fish. We got on the kayaks and trolled the river. We travelled about a kilometre until dad hooked on to a flathead. It was 4 cm under legal. We then went under the highway where I had some decent bites but didn’t hook any fish. Dad Caught two brim but they were both small. We paddled 100 meters back up from where we came and put our kayaks on a little beach. Dad wanted to leave so he called an uber to take him back to his car so we didn’t have to paddle back. While he was doing this I went out for one last fish. At this point I was tired and angry that I haven’t caught a fish yet. As I was flicking around I found this little inlet that was 20 meters wide, had mangroves on both sides and some bait fish swimming trough. I quickly paddled there and just as I entered I felt a huge tug on my lure. I instantly knew it was a Flathead and I was so excited. This Lizard had much more strength to it than the others I have ever caught. When I finally brought it next to my kayak I was speechless it was the biggest Flatty I had ever seen. I grabbed my netted the fish and got it on the kayak but it jumped straight out back in the water. I did not want to lose this fish because there were no witnesses that I had caught it if it got away. Luckily I managed to net it again and I quickly put lip grips in its mouth. It measured 64 cm which beat my PB by 15cm. I paddled back to the beach and showed dad when he got back. Although we didn’t catch much it was still worth it when I caught that Flathead.
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