I have been to Nudgee countless times now but never with the kayaks. We put the kayaks in at the jetty which is next to the car park at Nudgee beach. Dad and I were then joined by my friends James and Caleb who had never fished Nudgee before.

It was very windy blowing 20 knots SSW so it wasn’t much fun being out in the open, it doesn’t take much swell for waves to crash over the Kayaks.
With nearly two hours to kill until low tide we thought we should paddle around and look for a sheltered spot to fish. I quickly discovered a nice inlet with a substantial amount of bait fish swimming around and mangroves running down both sides of the river. ‘Flathead, Flathead’ was ringing over in my head. I was convinced that this would catch me a monster. After at least an hour and countless uses of soft plastic lures,  I must admit I was a little disappointed with the lack of action.  I started to head back and just then  James hooked onto a Flathead. It was only 25cm but it proved there was fish in here. I kept flicking and James hooked onto another fish. It was a legal Bream. There was now only 30 mins until low tide so Dad and I paddle back while Jimmy and Caleb stayed. The spot we’re at now is a sandbank 50 meters or so across from the dog beach (you can’t miss it).  When I was fishing on the dog beach side before I bought my kayak I was eying this spot off for ages. All it took was a few quick flicks and bam,  I hooked onto my first Flathead but it spat the hook. I casted in around the same direction to try and hook it again and I was in luck. My line started to run fast (I love that sound) which made me think it was a stingray. After I brought it in I realised it was no stingray just a huge Flathead. Measuring 68cm it was my new personal best. Nudgee never seems to let me down. To recap, travel across to the sandbank 1 hour before Low tide. Cast your Lure Downstream and then let the current drag it back upstream while you flick. If you try out this spot make sure to email me your catch.

Happy Fishing


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